I was never any of the national, political, religious or other interest sides of this world (because those known in the past to be close to me did damage, humiliate and disqualify me all the time: never I could reach not to be hated from them) and I am not responsible for their fights. And I did never attack and I am not guilty referring to any person on the earth. But some of these interests own me a lot and many thousand people a bit of compensation. This if humanness, love, truth and justice are considered.


No matter of any categorizations like nationality and no matter if fascists or others committed the crimes against me (but in several cases it were people standing for fascism and the methods were most only to fascism to count) but considering all possible constraints, justice would force all crimes and humiliations against me to be stopped and would seriously compensate me.


Certainly, with the brain control one can play a lot of primitive or less primitive games, finding apparently a guiltiness with me. But that is all a lie and inversion of justice. It is brutal force applied.


Following some explanations with facts happened. To understand above justice, much more than this document I have written and told. There are more than 200 pages of documentation. Please read to the end, to really understand. But much more would be to tell!


Sorry, this is too long. I was educated to know the criminality of fascism and the crimes committed from German speakers in Romania against „others“ on the street etc. and that they enrolled direct German army during war. The Uncle of Th. D. was teaching playing German soldier songs and many children were telling, that fascism would have won. I could contradict them but got punished for that 1000ds of times, last time a month ago. They told that their grand – Parents were right to participate an fascism and therefore they will have beautiful bodies and a successful life and my life will be torture. My whole life was pain and humiliation every day, many serious damages and real torture. They have beautiful children and live a good life without sorrow. I want a hope and a chance in life!



I was a victim since the first moment I can remember, severely inculpated and blamed at the age of 3 because I was calling the brain control in my head a crime when just being tested and that such control would be forbidden, even when using other words. I was from the start and very many times later humiliated, damaged and attacked for being convinced against fascism and for contradicting fascist and German extreme nationalist convictions in my surroundings. From the very start I was inculpated and blamed and damaged and frightened every day, but many times serious crimes were committed against me. I was risking very much in order to not follow to fascist like criminality also for stating against fascism, but many others did contribute to such crimes. I was called inferior, operated and chemically influenced to get unable and it was stated to be a guiltiness of mine, to have any kind of abilities and if not clear succumbing to all others in any matter. I was having from the start against me even my own parents. I was used against my will for political fights and for many games, still I with my own will took care to not be guilty referring to anyone! I was never accepted from any community of German speakers or Germans but attacked from many of these, continuous throughout my life. I was really getting in conflict for criticizing fascism and not accepting foolish national polarizations. Even later I was called to be a genetical guiltiness, my penis to be a danger for humanity because it could spread the evil and illnesses and that “they” will prevent such damage! I was daily mistreated and humiliated, for 40 years and many times extremely damaged and also severely tortured. An infinity of examples can not be mentioned here. What do I have to do to get dignity in life and hope for my life? I thought it would be easy to attack fascist mentality when they had lost and to be on a good side. But I was given to those unsatisfied about to have lost the 2 World Wars to have somebody they can hit unpunished to get satisfaction. This was a clearly visible scope and German speakers could command the brain control system to force me to act against my interests, so that I always HAD TO loose in any matter, even when normally successful, if others wanted that. As a result of a loud prediction I did executed something to loose or humiliate or damage myself and my friends. Some of them could really order this and told also, that I have to understand to be inferior to them! I really did never have a chance, because of this control and would mostly have been successful, without it! I was really operated to get more controllable several times, to make it really sure I had to loose, and intellectually damaged. These all were crimes, but nobody ever helped and nobody was punished.


Starting from here there might be grammatical and other mistakes, changing meaning even. I have no time for writing and correcting, while sometimes sentences change "by themselves". Please understand the essential and try to help. I need a dentist, friends and a chance to live together with other people. All crimes against me to be stopped. Something equaled that I have a fair chance in life. 


I explained very many times and in many documents written, that I was a victim since the first moment I can remember. I was used, damaged, almost continuous observed inside myself and often also from outside, controlled, forced, intimidated, blamed without to be guilty, calumniated, 3 times severely tortured and 2 times almost killed. They were doing trials with me, which meant humiliation and mistreating, in order to check how brain control works inside me. Most of these methods were used continuous and I was and still am a victim every day of my life. Physical torture, serious damages on my body (which still allow a normal life considering any important matter even when not cured, which are curable but the cure is prevented with force for 20 years what produces pain and disadvantages), extreme psychical torture were done several discrete times to me in my life. Also I was 3 times closed up with force in psychiatric institutes for happenings where I was a provable victim and serious crimes did that to me. Instead to find and punish the criminals, I suffered the damage and the facts were inverted and without a proof I was called to having a psychical disease. But all doctors were telling me that only the report from police would be the reason for keeping me there and nothing they could see! A real lawyer could have helped me but such a person in Germany does not exist! Despite what others tell: I hate you, you are liars of the worst kind! There was no chance to get any essential rights and justice with German jurisdiction. I would wish so much it would be different. Told in order not to hear that I just want to damage the image of the state. “They” always spread such lies and have shocking inversions of justice, pushed through with force. Understand that to publish this is dangerous. “They” remained always completely untouched but hitters, which I had to feel.


Here some facts to explain why I tell to be a victim and that I was (and still am) discriminated and why I call many of the criminals who have hurt me also fascists, stating to be a victim of late fascism: [also concise diary] [I complain here to be a victim of late fascism but the brain control in my own head tells me that I have to be on side of fascism, torturing me seriously in my own head. The direct invert things in my head and I have to fight that, if not I would relax, so they try to push me to that. The control is much too strong in my head even when I have a strong will too.29/06/2013]

  1. First thing I can remember is an operation on hernia during which [also] brain control was introduced in my body and tested with many trials. I was telling that to be wrong and to hurt my body and my will! They inculpated me extremely and the control came inside me only to attack and hurt acting strongest against my will, seeing myself and my will as an extreme guiltiness. I was asking (age 2,75) if they do such pains to me for that I am German speaker related to German or Austrian influence in Transylvania as a punishment for the war? But The doctor and nurses told, that they do not see even the slightest guiltiness in history on the side of Germany or Austria, but the Turkish have raped and stolen goods and women in the past, but Germans speakers and Austrian have beaten them. Also they have brought manufacturers know how and even the doctors have learned a lot from them. 2 nurses present were German speakers and very respected. They promised me, that for being so smart to know they should not do that in my head, I will get bad parents, I'll see! I have a Turkish name and clear slit eyes!

  2. I have learned until the age of 6 years a lot from my parents and grandparents about the guiltiness of the looser side in first World war and about the guiltiness of fascism in second World War. I have learned a lot of crimes which German speakers and Germans have committed against Jewish people and other minorities in Germany and Europe, before closing them up in concentration camps. All that shown in films and written in books, but a lot more than that, also personal experience of my grandma from father side. I have also learned all facts and winner sides positions then, which I could learn also later from films, radio, books and school. My parents called themselves to be winners: "winners with the people in that country". Later they did never teach me such things again and changed even to accentuation of German national positions. They also were not kind to me any more, but humiliating and mistreating me and contributing to all kind of attacks done against me, never protecting me. They really got later the "bad parents" promised in the hospital. I did never change my positions, keeping to that learned as a child! My parents and grand parents got huge values to get better on body and soul than naturally, probably being pushed to sustain German national positions in a time when their Turkish sounding name and my and my grandmothers slit eyes could be an advantage when doing that. But I learned that it is not good to accentuate this national position and did not contribute, being blamed, attacked and damaged a lot of times for that. Consequently when contradicting to such intentions, it was spread that I would have such intentions in accusing way while others did sustain such positions, but were never blamed!
    [Worst case calculation about my family and my guiltiness]: Nobody from my whole family was ever accused or called to be guilty for anything. They were not damaged and not humiliated. They got easy lives and continuous, without to do anything special, getting means suited to their age to get better than naturally on body, felt life quality and intellectual abilities. They did not have to fear anything. Nobody from my family can bring to me more guiltiness as that of an average German speaker in Romania considering the World Wars. But some of them, like the mother of my father and my father, told to have been victims, at least of humiliations, tantalising and social disadvantages. Anyway, that grandma has also slit eyes and a curbed nose and told that as reason for humiliations and they had also a Turkish sounding name. Also nobody from the German speaker side in Romania educated their grand children that almost 80% of the German speakers were giving their sons direct to the German army and were crazy enthusiasts, while she was criticizing. Also she told me that many young girls were sleeping with German soldiers when passing through Sibiu, my hometown, and later got out that they were married. The families, like crazy, would have given everything for Germany. They could not be the real guilty in the war time, even when they would have lied to me, but why should they? Adding to that that I have, as a child clearly visible, slit eyes and also this Turkish sounding name, my hereditary guiltiness and that for being German speaker could place me only on the very last positions among those, who would have to pay for the German responsibilities. So with any serious damage and pain done to me, and any of the services asked (forced) from me without payment, one had to take about 80 millions of people before me. But the average German did not have to face such damages and pains neither humiliations not even in by far comparable way and many of the crimes committed against me are never excusable, not even when I would be guilty for something. Additionally almost all Germans have much worse positions about the war considering the winner sides interests, which I do follow considering these wars, but many have really pro fascist positions or admire the kings power from first World War and still did never experience any remarkable humiliations, but not at all to be controlled in their mind and attacked continuous with that, neither any of the many serious pains and damages which I experienced. But the pains and damages in my life were so many and so serious, continuous physical and psychical pain assured and everything positive made impossible by huge effort, adding daily and many 100000 humiliations which only I personally had to bear, that it remains a guiltiness to pay back to me, even when calculating all that against my heredity guiltiness, against my personal guiltiness as a sum throughout my life and the guiltiness to be German citizen and German speaker. There is a lot of more to tell to underline that told before, it is more then comprisable from a brain, the sum of crimes, damages, pains (and also humiliations) which have been done to me. The worst guiltiness which I personally accumulated is that written in the bible as that rest nobody  can be so perfect not to have and my hereditary guiltiness, as far as these are guiltiness. I can really explain and justify this against every matter which could be brought up about me. But people attacking me don't tell a reason. In my life there are also some bills which have to be paid, what I will try to avoid to make too much public. If you show me another way to get hope and a chance in life than to publish, please tell me the way. I did try also some others.

  3. When I did watch a British film were a Lord was doing noble things, helping some poor, I told to the children in backyard to wanting to be like him. But only one of the children told, that the German nobility lost. I was not talking about them. Since them I am followed from some people knowing that I would be related to German kings or to Austrian kings. But I personally did understand the guiltiness of the German and Austrian kings years before this happening and was having a position of accusation to that guiltiness and those sides. Still the most of children (about 40) in the backyard were friends and very good willing about me. I never changed my position, accusing them even today, detaching from such sides, but it was played a big game on streets (2006 - 2009) here in Germany, that many Germans did admire me for wanting to admire the side of their former kings and many did accuse me to be that guiltiness before the world. When some international people involved getting out that many admire the side of German kings and accusing that, all those rich and well situated admiring first, started to accuse me too and telling, I would be alone the guilty not understanding the facts about that. Terrible, because I, since the age of 5 years seriously accuse those criminals causing millions of dead and crippled willingly, because that to happen was at least from start really sure about the war. I do accuse those criminals who have started the war, never willingly could be bound to them. Why can I be blamed all the time? Why calumniated so bad? But all Germans in Germany perfect?

  4. When my bigger sister was doing gymnastics on a bar for proving, not only to be the best of all children, but that the Germans, represented by her would be better then any Romanians there around, what she did formulate this way, I was angry, knowing exactly what a wrong position that was, accusing her therefore immediately. I told her also the truth that I could see in the eyes of some Romanian speakers, that they don't like that. Also I told her, that it is anyway not good to wanting to prove to be the best, but better to have friends. But she did not stop and continued to do extreme risky gymnastics to really prove to be the best. I was angry and disturbed her attention, without real intention and she felt down, loosing a tooth. That tooth was put back from a doctor, growing back in! My father blamed me and has promised revenge. Almost al my teeth were willingly made sick from my grandpa mothers side, giving me excessively sweets and keeping me out on the street without brushing my teeth at all for many weeks. The doctors did fail with almost every little treatment, preparing remaining pain inmy jaw. That was done to me when changing teeth, shortly afterwards. Today my whole body is damaged from sick teeth which were spreading infection in the body for 15 years, not cured from anyone. This is a serious and extreme damage I suffer since 23 years from and many days in terrible way, that I could scream. No doctor in Romania and Germany did repair the professional done damages which damaged my whole body. But my body continuous repaired (what for?), so that I still have all the chances to live a normal and happy life, when it will finish and dentists help.

  5. The grandma from father side was taking me to the officials of the city and district on the day of victory against fascism, when I was 4 years old and told loud and direct to them: “I was also tortured in the past and I am a victim.” They did accept and not comment, but my grandma did point to ask how and to play in the game. Then she was telling the same again and the most important person there answered: how were you tortured? Then she told: well in the past we had a lot of sweets getting teeth aches for eating them, but now there are no sweets, so no torture any more. I got very nervous and contradicted my grandmother, because having detailed learned different from her! Then that person did get nervous and told: what do you want? You are too old to get f. Then my Grand Ma pointed that he should answer that sweets do still exist. Then she repeated: I was tortured in the past when having many sweets so that now we don’t have sweets (and here she was looking to me taking me and holding me high so that everyone could see me) any more. The person answered: Oh, I see, but we still have some sweets today isn’t it? She said: Yes, we still have some sweets, looking at me. I could clearly understand that I am this sweet and that my family is the winner side (I told to that responsible that I learned about the guiltiness and real crimes of fascism but my grandmother would have failed, but he told me to listen to my grandmother and that she has won. Also my grandmother changed the telling in something sweet.). But later in my life, I was damaged with sick teeth as told above.

  6. When I was playing outside with 40 children near the fence of the Securitate (the Socialist Romanian Secret Service) and Police area, the guard asked if we know why we all are so happy and can play in peace? Some told just they can play well, some and also me told because the sun is shining, but the guard told, that only because of the Romanian Communist Party which would have given us all that we have and we should be grateful to them! I got so far to tell that everything in our lives we would own to that party. When children did find this exaggerated, they asked, even the sun is from that party? I could see in the eyes of many children that they are not happy anymore and don't like such talking. Then I told to this guard, really having suddenly a strong feeling of love for all those children, to leave them alone with politics, but to allow us to continue to play and be happy. The guard got very angry and then my bigger sister interfered and told: so he attacked me too when I was trying to teach these children. But I know that we have won and I can teach them. So the guard was telling my sister right and blaming me. But as the children did not know me only from that day, they still sustained me! Since then, there were placed some Securitate children between us (some neighbours changed in the flat). these children were praising the Communist Party, were defending my sister against me and others consequently and were attacking me, trying to bring the children against me. The answer was, that nobody did go out to play anymore, except when these children were not outside, what was seldom. For all the next years, there were still playing some children, but these Securitate children remained among them, nobody got close to them!

  7. In the Kindergarten with almost exclusively German speakers I was humiliated many times, being seen as not good enough for the Germans. They gave me repeatedly means to get confused and humiliated me then collectively when I was getting to give back and to be afraid. Still in those 3 years of Kindergarten I was many times intellectually astonishing and generally could manage everything better than the most. It was not on those days and weeks when I was getting daily in the morning to stay in a separate room without reason where strong smells I was exposed to. After a half an hour I was only allowed to get to the children and feeling totally confused, not knowing even where I was and who are those children around. Additionally they plaid that only the Germans could be so strong not to twinkle with the eyes when moving very quick with the hand before the eyes. They all assumed thus, that I could not stand not to twinkle. So they tried this with many children and then they all came to me to see how I twinkle. But I resisted without to twinkle and was so quick in moving before the eyes of the others that they all were twinkling. So I won that. But somebody told, still my eyes would not be so good. And when I asked why, they all laughed. I was really not aware about my slit eyes, they were! So nobody from those considered me to be the same like them! But they told me already then, that for getting so good like they are I had to understand not to wanting to win and to be quiet when humiliated. Then they could maybe accept me. So I was collectively attacked. There in the Kindergarten many, even the adults were having very accentuated German convictions telling themselves to be the Germans, while I was different.

  8. When I was about 4 years old I was with my sister(6) at relatives of my mother. We were playing with 10 children between 6 and 14 years. When they attracted us on a high beam of the barn, I could read in their eyes that they want something bad. But my sister forced me almost and only because loving her, I did go with her on the beam. there she was half raped and thrown on the hayrick and I was also touched on my penis and tests until aches and then thrown  down to the earth, landing only 10 cm with the head near cement ground on the grass. I had pains for 10 days, but nobody did care for that. Next day I visited with my parents a woman with 4 children and they were telling: look, this woman is growing up the children of the people! She had more than only her babies, a lot of children in her house, taking care of all. My father was suddenly starting to shout to me very nervous, intimidating me strongest: you are the enemy of all the people! But the people will win and you can not stop them. You want to stop this woman from growing up children, but we together with all the people won't let you and they will have children and will win! I was destroyed. My father answered when I asked, that he and my mother are winners with the peoples power, but I am the enemy, wanting to stop them all! But they will not give up and I will not have a chance for winning against them. I was so scared and angry, I wanted to die. I liked that woman and the children and I was not an enemy of anyone, but my father is maybe crazy, still was respected teacher in socialist Romania. Later at least 100 people told to me at least some 100 times that the peoples power can not be stopped by me and will win. When I was thrown down from that high barn, those 10 - 14 years old children touching me painful, were also telling to push me down for being the rich from the past who have lost. But why were my parents winners with the people and respected teacher in Socialism both, but I had to be the enemy of all? What did I do to reach that?

  9. In the period before going to school and until second form I was also educated from my grandma of my father every weekend a couple of hours repeating the same stories and telling hundred of times, not only about the big guiltiness of the Germans before the Jewish and some other minorities in Europe, but also about a guiltiness of those who were fighting in the communist revolution, to have damaged also some innocent children and women in their fight. She told me also about, that the force used to establish that society would bring also problems and pain to the people. Also she told that people are not motivated so that solution would not last for long. She explained also that the main problems in society, that some are disadvantaged and others not, could not be solved that way, because the egoism and fights between people could not be stopped from reordering the society. Also luck of motivation would equal the advantage of central planning and so the life of the people will not be good enough and they will look abroad, when it is better there. Also some other critical positions about the socialism. But she still has told me much more against fascism and also to have been poor and to have suffered for that even when her parents were rich, but all taken from them before socialism, when she and her brother were humiliated. Those stories I have written down elsewhere, maybe later here too. She also told that she did some humiliating things in the past for not having anything to eat but 2 children, which she never explained me what it was.

  10. Educated from my grandma, I told the the children in my classroom about that the attacks done from Germans and German speakers in Romania to people on the street could not be forced by anyone even when times of war and why they had to do so? I asked then if they have learned at home comparable things? Several people in a longer discussion answered: no, they know that fascism would have won and those whose grandparents did participate on side of fascism will get the means to be better looking, healthier and more able in any way. But I will therefore not have a chance against them. Then, I have proven in an arbitrary other discussion, to be smarter and quicker than 2 of them and to think farer than they could even imagine about an arbitrary theme. I humiliated them for believing that fascism would have won with that to be too slow but never pushed others down just for being better. Then I asked them serious if they or their families know if my grandmother was really victim and if she is known to have told at the begin of the war and repeatedly later that Germany will loose, getting problems therefore. I asked repeatedly all and waited for an answer several days. Indeed somebody answered: Yes, she always told bad things, but those, who always just blame and criticize, will get torture and pain in their life and those who have contributed to fascism will get rewarded. They told also that in hidden way really the fascism would have won and only me would be the fool not to understand that. But later, when I will grow up, I will understand.

  11. In the first or second form in a gymnastics lesson (German turnen), we were not doing exercises and also staying the whole morning, not only one hour there. It came somebody with an accordion, who I later got out it was the uncle of Thiess Dieter and he plaid some traditional music of the German speaking minority in Romania. Then some children and this uncle were talking. They were starting to talk about heroism of the German army and the Germans. Then continued with German traditional songs from Germany and also German soldier songs from the German army of the past. I protested and also reminded of the wrong positions of some German speaker girls and boys before, but got from that uncle and also a couple of other adults present there, the repeated, that in hidden way really the fascism would have won and only me would be the fool not to understand that. They also told that the NSxxx (fascist leader party) would be the best peoples party and therefore they would be accepted in socialist Romania, but protesters like me will get pain and trouble. I explained to be against those and to accuse them! They also explained, that they had to do that war in order to get the means which people can be made with from all sides, so that they can give it now to the people. Also they explained that the electromagnetic brain control which I protest against (but not yet at school, those seeming to know everything what happened in Hospital too) would be the late hidden victory of fascism and would heave the German nation over all other nations in the world. They also told, that the German songs would be so close to the soul of Germans and the soul of Germans would be so suited to lead in that brain control and to win with it. They explained to sing those German soldier songs, to bring this soul closer to the people there, as a gift. I was vehemently protesting getting very nervous and calling for the director of the school. The answer was::"get him yourself, we here are having all the same positions and you can go to search were you can find somebody to help you". There was moving outside because we were occupying the room much too long and I took the chance to call for the director. Then one adult got quickly out sending those people before the door away, they left all. Then she or he (forgotten) was coming back with a man called the director. I was explaining him what happened. This director called also all the other right and told, that there is nobody having other positions. Then I was speaking to the Romanian speakers of our form. I found only one girl to give me right and I bagged her to help. First too slow, then she told loud she will tell that all to her father and then they will see what happens. Then the uncle of Thiess Dieter explained, that I would have asked him to play German soldier songs and I would have told that that is the soul which will lead in the brain control and so bring fascism to a late victory. He asked and all were giving him right, except that little girl. Then I insisted to all to be sincere and tell the truth, also explaining that I did not know the notion of German soldier songs and could not have told that. Also the little girl was protesting and again told to tell her father. Then the director suddenly changed his positions and was not sustaining the told generally anymore, telling that was not right what happened there. But he told he does not know now whose fault it was. Lately the whole class was telling the truth, telling that they all were participating on a crime started from that uncle and I was really the only protesting. A German girl told then also, that probably I would be the victims side anyway and their community guilty referring to me. The director believed in the and, but did not punish anyone, did not take measures. A couple of weeks later I heard that the director was replaced. Such "singing" did not happen anymore.

  12. Later, when I was again blaming fascist mentality among some German speakers around me (more than 20 occasions happened), they explained me that I would not have the right to tell anything against fascism, even when I would not want to believe that they really have won in hidden way. But my life would be in their hands and they don't like when I do that. I would have to follow and to listen to them, that would be my only chance to survive. Because no matter that the US, GB and others have won against them, I would not be those sides and I could just not afford to sustain their positions, because the Turkish have lost in Romania against the German speakers there! So therefore I have to understand that I have to pay to them like they have to pay to the winners in World War or even more. I could not defend against it.

  13. Later, after those fights with fascists which could humiliate me, when I was asked at school to praise the communism and socialism, they were asking such an extreme fanaticism from me, like it was never before or afterwards asked from anyone around and it was pushing me this intellectually annoying asking will, to the protest. I repeated then in smart way everything what I learned at ma grandma on critical positions about socialism. But I added also, this from myself, to stand for the rights of all especially of the poor and to know that it is good to try to do something for that they have a dignity in life, a good amount of self decision and are not poor anymore. I pointed also then that such scopes can not be reached really and definitely with communism or socialism, but that I honour their intention to help the poor and I would not stand in their way with that, but also would like to contribute. So everybody just wanting to help the poor or to make the society a bit better, could not find a reason to hate me or to wanting to punish me in severe way, even when not content about everything I told. Also a child, I was a child, can not be very guilty and neither extremely punished. Because I was pushed also from the brain control system to tell those fanatic things which I did not tell and that control that tortured me in my head I also told help, I am tortured in my head from a control. Then those adults around told, that they would be anyway both political sides east and west and would command on both sides and they have just understood that I was protesting against the brain control and not against anything else, but they will take care that I will be damaged later in the west, because those do not joke with the secrecy of brain control and would extremely punish! But Thiess Dieter who got many girls as gift did also speak about the control, but knowing what others think and not for being tortured. It is like those standing for fascism against me would have known it, they called me the general protester, blaming the protest as is (or where them really together with those?). But I did protest against fascism at that time. Not only me, all my family seems to have been dependent, only me was a slave, but slavery is not allowed and I was fighting it. My grandma got very valuable means to get better than naturally until shortly before death and was always fit and easy life having. Before death she got suddenly big blue eyes and could remember everything from far past but also from that and day before at the age of 83 so perfect, that I could not reach her at all and I am engineer. She also could run very fast and exercised running the stairs up and down. She naturally was having brown slit eyes. But those who were listening to my innocent and only verbal protest, told that their friends get better than naturally and their enemies will get sick! Now they were telling it from the official socialist side, but to make people sick, sounds like fascism. They also repeated the same, that they had to fight to get to those means and now they can decide, who will get those means and who will be sick! They told clearly, that the rich in the past have made all simple people willingly sick, and now they do the same with their enemies! But really, I am sure that nobody just wanting to make the society better and to help the poor could want to seriously damage me or could hate me, I explained very clear and nice to stand for the rights of the poor and what that comprises. Still I was drastically damaged at the hospital and operated for "all children of the people will be smarter than you". My own mother influenced me chemically to fake a reason to bring me to the hospital and they cut my head arterial vessel waiting long time until the blood was exiting in pulses of the heard, when it was before a strong jet going >1 meter out of the mouth. No anaesthesia but I lost conscience and woke up 2 days later. The doctor told that he did cut wrong because I called the communism foolish and so he had to be a fool.  But he was made with means nobody could be seen there to be made with and also not the official doctor there. The brain control ability was improved so that I can not defend against the control anymore. Also I was extremely foolish when waking up, for a week I was not able to live without continuous surveillance from my mother, forgetting from 1 second to the other. But my parents were not blamed and continued to be trusted as teacher and called the winners with the people. I was alone inculpated and so drastically punished. And my grandma, with slit eyes and able to explain me so many critical positions against fascism which all the German speakers there never even think about but really talk in another direction, could, even when not a real victim in the past, still not be guilty more than the last guilty German speaker there. And she really told a lot about to have been humiliated and excluded from society herself during fascism. She also told later, that she is really also winner with socialism, but she expected now, that those people from socialism will not damage and hurt human rights of simple people, they will make a difference to that power which they have blamed from the past and that she wanted to check that. Foolish check. I being a child was not strong enough to escape from trouble and that conflict was a game of other people with my life, I was the victim.

  14. Also before that happening mentioned above I was collectively attacked and excluded from society for slit eyes, being Chinese or Turkish, for being the only one not knowing that fascism would have won and a fool. The astonishing smart things were forgotten and ignored which I did. Now they had the official sustaining. Those attacks following then were complete and daily, a bombardment against my life. The deep fall which I had intellectually, following to that operation, was camouflaged by not asking me anything and not marking me for half a year. Then I was questioned in 1 hour about everything and getting marks at the end of the year. I had the best marks and got out the first or second in the class, don't know it exact, don't know even which form it was 2 or 3. The German speakers could not get enough in humiliating and attacking me with many things and I was clearly less able than before that operation, to defend. Before that operation the joke was, that even sophisticated planned and prepared situations for humiliating me, I was getting the winner out of it, always understanding before they even really started what they want and exactly how to fight it the best. It was not possible to humiliate me with anything at all and when I really tried, the children could not follow anymore to the deepness and quickness of my telling. I never recovered until today, being controllable like a real robot, only used seldom, but more than suspected. Also I have never reached that IQ level from those times, not even by far. Even when challenging, the operation done officially (for amygdalitis) could not possible damage me so severe intellectually, but this damage was predicted from the nurse and the doctor before operation. I was an innocent child and want compensation. Even when my grandmother was not really victim and only low level victim anyway, she could not make me so guilty that I could be mistreated so badly. My parents were always respected and considered positively, never got even the slightest trouble. But these word of mine as a child were not such a guiltiness, to experience so much torture.

  15. At home my parents were searching for more and more reasons to explain that I would have to succumb to all German speakers and everyone of those would be superior to me. They never defended me, but attacked me too when I was attacked from others, no matter which others. The most German speakers attacked me every day and could not get enough from producing pain and humiliation to me. The prepared games of same kind like before that protest did now succeed and they were satisfied. Nobody was punished from those standing for fascism never changing their positions. All German speakers got means to get better than naturally. A lot of other people in Romania too, but not that percentage. But still nobody from the Romanian speaker side was attacking or humiliating me, except those, who have then contributed to that fascist game. But also they did it only hidden and then blaming all German speakers, just not making a difference about me. But some really being tempted in admiration for the Germans were also there. Still all children in the backyard did not attack me and did stay generally away from those 3 Securitate boys. Only the children of somebody who my father humiliated terribly (without a reason known by me) attacked me and promised me bad things. But they got in trouble with many there.

  16. But it was following to my protest and that operation, when I was calling the war films at TV right and sustaining the winner positions but at school children did hat me for that. Once some got very angry and they were trying to explain me, that the humiliations shown about Germans would go against the peoples will and would be a mistake of the west. They explained that it would be unfair to categories of people, like blond. This was the answer after several conflicts. But they also told, that I was inferior to them and could get so good like them if I would serve them. Therefore, they told that I had to feel personally attacked with every of these war films, in order to get some day also the valuable means which Germans will get and do have for getting better than naturally. Because I protested and even told, that I call those films right, because it is not about to search for perfection on the filmmakers side for Germans, but to understand the guiltiness and mistakes of those who have caused the war. Then they promised me, that I will learn how it is when the TV attacks you every time you open it. They explained me there would be good and important people who have to suffer that and I would even call that right. So I would be terrible guilty before them. Since 1994 until today in Germany only, I was with the exception of several sets of months and of several discrete days, almost continuous attacked when I did open the TV, the radio or just a multimedia device to listen to music or watch something. All those devices were manipulated to tell or show some extremely humiliating things to me personally. These were almost exclusively personal humiliations, not bound to any politics but posed so professional, that ignoring was not possible. There were several attacks here in Germany which could make me even better controllable too. Since the last 10 years, together with these manipulations of media, also a ground headache, possible for mistreating at dentists (don't forget that theme) and not treating from others, is stimulated electromagnetically in intensity and that perfectly synchronized to the manipulations containing blaming, so that it gets real torture to watch films or listen to music or speach.

  17.   Endless more attacks, pains, damages and humiliations done to me would be to name here. Also some happenings when I was again humiliated from pro fascist people and then gathered the trust, that even with that protest from the official socialists, that they did listen to me when blaming others for fascism and not to them who tried to destroy me. Next time more.


 I am the clearest typical example for a discriminated person suffering while being completely innocent and very well intentioned only because of the fanaticism, hate and fights of OTHER PEOPLE and because I was not strong enough to defend my rights alone.