Bitte lesen Sie und helfen Sie, dass Gerechtigkeit und mein Leben eine Chance haben / Please read and help to allow justice to happen and a chance for my life.

Me against fascism and fascist guiltiness damaging me.   GO TO START of documentation    Extract from textes published at FACEBOOK!/norbert.kailan

I told so many things about crimes done against me but still I could not find the words to really have rights too, like all the others and not to be tortured and humiliated all the time. If you mean it is exaggerated to call extreme head ache synchronized to control of thinking and feeling in my head and to talking of other people torture, than I believe you ignored the fact that I experienced real extreme body torture with flesh wounds too in my life and I still call this done to me DAILY TORTURE. The German police regards these internet pages as a prove for a high degree of a psychical disease. The US Consulate told:: Do never believe that you are crazy, we know that this is done to you! still I was not the US and also neither them nor me are looser, as daily people who can not know me, tell to me. But the will to damage and torture me was started from extreme fascists, which arranged and so have still power on this world! They told to be the brain control and that those whose parents and grand parents participated on fascism side would be rewarded and those like me, who also in the past were talking things to be bad, will experience torture. My whole past life was torture, almost daily, I live complete alone, nobody is my side. Those never told different and have beautiful children today. They also told that the fascist party would be the best helping the people and the peoples party. I was the only contradicting and they were singing German soldier songs. They forced that I was damaged and followed all the time and attacked from all people around me, telling me in socialism in Romania that I would be the enemy of the people. But only German speakers participated daily in hitting me. When changing to Germany, here also one considered me to be the enemy of the people and was hitting in my life daily and damaging me, no medical treatment, damages and torture with humiliation in the hospital. I was standing for the rights of the simple people more, than the communists did and I never have a guiltiness before the simple people and their rights. Everybody deciding to damage me must have been a criminal. I was severely damaged when not wanting to have extreme communist positions, I can not stand for, understanding there are wrong things in their theory, which could not help the poor or anyone. But nobody else was asked to have such extremist positions and nobody had them. Also the many protesting against communism there and working and being paid from western side interests, were never called to be the enemy of the people. Still for a lot of damages done to my body and life, the official power of Socialist Romania is responsible. Again, for all good things people would sustain and see as good, I was standing, more than the most, and they had to damage more than me at least 15 millions of people in Romania, when measuring with same measures. But to damage more than me would mean to cripple or to kill, I escaped from both being still twice damaged for a lifetime on my body. And attacks every day the whole day long. That is the way I live since 40 years, because exactly this got in Germany much worse. Why? For the game which other  people plaid with my life, without to ask me (more than a planned verbal protest), one still has to pay the bill, never yet did. Other protesters were very good paid from the west but nobody was called the enemy of the people and most of them did escape from punishment in the east, those punished mostly not damaged by far so extreme like me. They did not care to prove to stand for the rights of the simple people, caring just to get an advantage themselves. I really stand always for the rights of the poor and needful, seeing that as not political obligation of everyone, doing well. I see the solution of problems in society by developing applied science and technology for making a good life quality possible for all and respecting each other, allowing good amount of self decision for all. I was frightened, damaged and attacked all the time and used a lot and misused and could never live my life, but I could take care to stay completely innocent referring to all people and all acceptable or better interests, in international official view.

What I write here is repeatedly changed, to get foolish and full of mistakes and other meaning. So please don't mind when mistakes in the text (no matter why) and don't believe the misunderstandings probably intended, if something peculiar occurs.

I learned at home from my grandmother that just because she was eating at a Jewish family she must have changed so much, that all her friends did not recognize her anymore on the street, but many people did get a problem with her nose or her eyes. She told to have been afraid to go out on the street and had to go with the head down. Even when it was not really true (her son, my father forced to accentuate that we are German speakers, nobody ever commented, some people who seem to be Jewish seem to know some of those things and to care), she still pointed to the fact that the excuse of some Germans telling that in time of war they could not choose would not hold for those humiliating. Who could force them to humiliate? Also she told about these crimes happening in Germany and also Romania among German speakers, outside of concentration camps. Even when the big, incomparable crime is the closing up in concentration camps and killing of the Jewish, still some have killed themselves before, for being humiliated and damaged on the street and in "normal" life. Also this crime should be known! When I was telling that at school I was advised that I am not allowed to blame the fascism and fascist mentality among German speakers around, because they still are stronger than me and the Turkish have lost there in Romania against the Germans. They really had same positions like Germans have today in Germany, that I would have to serve the German interest (using my Turkish sounding name and slit eyes to still propagate German national extremism, but I did contradict and never do!) in order to earn that I could be so big and wealthy like Germans, because I would be still inferior to them. I realize today, that not only most damages on body were preceded by bad predictions calling to punish me for having blamed German speakers side. I realized that in sum 35 from 45 years of my life, I had to endure the almost daily attacks from people on the street and at work, who did not know me but did move, humiliate and calumniate synchronized to when I was passing on the street or to my body-moves at work. I realize that I am afraid to go out therefore and go often with the head down for not to see and hear TODAY! And I live alone! I am still alive, but when this does not change seriously, I hardly have a chance for life!

Als meine Großmutter mich gezielt dazu anstiftete Pflaumen aus dem Garten eines Nachbarn der hochrangiger Offizier in Rumänien im Sozialismus war zu stehlen, sah der Offizier wiederholt ostentativ weg.

Als meine Großmutter mich gezielt dazu anstiftete, Quitten aus dem Garten eines Nachbarn zu stehlen, der deutschsprachig war (meine Großmutter sagte, der ist so stolz auf sein Deutsch sein), sagte der, es sei verboten Quitten zu stehlen, die nicht über den Zaun zu meiner Großmutter hängen. Doch meine Großmutter sagte, wir müssen die unbedingt stehlen. Dann drohte der Nachbar mit der Polizei (rumänische Miliz). Doch meine Großmutter sagte nur, dass sie mit ihm darüber reden wird, wer früher welche Zäune überschritten habe. Als ich am kommenden Wochenende wieder bei meiner Großmutter war, brachte der deutschsprachige Nachbar 3 dicke Rucksäcke voll mit Quitten. es waren alle Quitten von seinem Baum. Als ich ihm in die Augen sah, rannte er davon. In Deutschland wurde ich wiederholt von der Polizei angegriffen. Der Herr xxx von xxx aus Bietigheim - Bissingen ist ein Abteilungsleiter der für alle Arbeiten untergebene hat die er nie kontrolliert und sonst auch nichts tut. er ist im Alter von dem Sohn dieses Quitten Nachbarn der auch Ingenieur wurde und spricht manchmal mit siebenbürgischem Akzent. Mehrere brachten Pflaumen und Trauben aus ihrem eigenen Garten und luden mich ein: nimm doch, die sind sicher nicht geklaut! Sie haben das so oft gesagt, bis nach Tagen einige Ingenieure in der Großen Halle sagten, wir haben jetzt kapiert, dass diese Früchte nicht geklaut sind, was ist damit? Dann rief mich Herr xxx zu sich und sagte, er müsse mir kündigen, weil mir aus der Vergangenheit ein übler Ruf nacheilen würde und er die Firma Valeo vor diesem Ruf schützen müßte. Ich mußte gehen. Zumindest habe ich nie etwas getan oder gewollt, was irgendwie offiziell beschuldigt werden könnte, aber dieses Spiel mit den Quitten von meiner Großmutter war auch keine Schuld von mir!

Concise truth is this: I was chosen from birth to be tortured and used. My life was a game of other peoples with my life. Any conflict and trouble I was getting in was forced and I had no choice. For being tortured, I was then tortured and then blamed and humiliated for being tortured. Never a choice to escape. That in thousand repetitions. That was my life. Those using my life to bring a protest in Eastern Europe against that politics have to pay an almost infinite bill. Each protesting there was very good paid or rewarded from the West and not tortured from those in the East. Also not damaged and tortured later. From me they asked my whole life, They took a good man and intellectually able and they did not pay a dime. I had no choice! Those in the East tortured me extremely and reacted drastically, even when I with my own will kept everything on such a good level referring to humanness and intellect, that it was not logically to be punished in remarkable way. I made clear to understand human rights and justice and to sustain the idea of a better life for all. But compared to what others got, I had to be billionaire today. Those who tortured and damaged me have to pay compensation. Instead I am humiliated in Germany since 1993 until today every day many times everywhere I am for having been tortured and damaged. Also I am hated for being the rich and severely fought for that, but those looking much better than average through means I can not reach and having the big cars, do humiliate me for that I am so poor and bad looking, but are not attacked for being the rich from the past! I want that they pay their bill and compensation provable to be necessary and I want that the others pay compensation. That infinity one owns me exceeds everything imaginable. They are a shame for humanity, who did not pay their bill and more those who own me compensation. I am alone not able to beat them and to get my compensation. I do not create here images about political sides, those continuing to play with my life and not paying their bill are responsible for my protest. Additionally, I was really willingly made sick and I am really kept that way and all doctors participate and the control in my brain pushes me in the position of the inferior every moment in my life referring to most people around, even when I can fight this my life gets still continuous fight and sufferance. But the Neo-Nazis are not even controlled in their brain and mostly healthy! I blame the winner sides against fascism for nothing else than for not have helped me and not have taken care that the torture ends and I am compensated! There is no excuse for the terrible crimes daily done against me which were much worse in the past and for the continuous humiliation. They have to act in my favor to keep their face! Especially to take care that I can not be even blamed while I am the victim necessarily waiting for compensation! They just want to hit the one always being victim of hitting, should not be possible for them to do, like murderer also is not possible just to do it every day! There has to be a defense and I claim the compensation and the bill and I want to see the guilty ones punished! I asked this form those being always my hope in life, the former victorious against fascism, from all of them! The control is not that everybody is controlled and I am so to protest, but no second a situation suited to me is possible. Only fights and pain. I hope this will change!

I was just humanness and love and my life was used from others for many games which I kept so that I am not guilty before anyone. That gives to me all the honors. I had to explain in many pages exactly why I can't be guilty but some are extremely guilty referring to me.

When I go to the disco and women want to dance with me, always young and nice strong guys are coming to immediately stop that. If they don't follow, force is used.

Somebody really wants to forbid my entire life and to keep it in continuous torture for always other reasons, while I was certainly the most innocent civilian and a victim every second of my life. When being a child one promised me that my life will be torture and the people around me, always superior and in winner positions did both: force me against my will in fights and punish me for those fights. But still I did not give to anyone a reason to hate me or to damage me and kept rather neutral.

It was really enough of lying, calumniating, humiliating damaging and keeping me in pains, the same victim for all political and national reasons possible on this earth (almost). They anyway, even when not humiliating and frightening, by "knowing" so much about me make an observation felt which makes me chanceless in life.

Concluding: If somebody "knowing" something about me does not know that I am an innocent victim and should be compensated to give sense to my life, it is a crime what he is telling and doing. I mean those commanding and informing the people and those participating on fights against me, they are really the worst hate every imaginable today. I say it is enough with hitting the same innocent victim for always new and all reasons never being really anything I had to do with! It is so much enough and since so long time, that I call all those murderers who are still standing in my way and I accuse all having power today to collaborate with former fascism, which I am not ashamed to have fought always with the risk of my entire life. This was a risk I had severely to pay for even when officially, fascism had lost, thanks to God!

You HAVE to understand, that no matter what I would have done, no day in my life could have been without humiliations, damages and pain. Every positive aspect was with visible hate immediately destroyed and that hate has all the control systems in its hands. I could not have been on any wrong side, because I was hated and damaged from birth and never had a chance to escape!

Remark: Considering everything ever told, I was always standing for the position that the Jewish victims from Second World War were never enough compensated and sufficiently compensation is not possible in such sad case. Also I do not intend to hurt the dignity and position of those victims, when comparing my situation of being a victim to those victims, but I want to remind about those terrible crimes and explain how criminal those hurting me also are.


Ich hatte gebeten dass man mir hilft Rechte zu haben und ein Leben in Würde. Bei meiner Vergangenheit muss das auch Entschädigung heißen. Eigentlich Pflicht für jeden guten Menschen. Ich bin ein Mann und weder schwach noch sehr dumm, aber ich sagte nie, dass ich das allein erreichen kann. Aber ein lebenswertes Leben ist das was ich wirklich haben will!

I was calling for help for justice and rights and a life in dignity for me. With my past this has to mean also compensation. Even when being a man and not very weak or very foolish, I never said I could reach this all alone. But a life worthy to be lived is what I really want. 

Short clear about me: I was humiliated, damaged, manipulated, forced, calumniated since the very first days of my life, victim of many crimes and of many daily little crimes. I did not do anything to anyone. My verbal protest against communism in Eastern Europe was forced and I did really detach from that side understanding some mistakes and the fanaticism in the communist and also socialist theory, but make clear that I sustain the idea to improve dignity in life, life quality and rights for the simple and poor people. Therefore the many drastic reactions against me and damages done were not justified by anything, but thousands were protesting similar (even when not all intellectually so high leveled) and not operated to get foolish and forced and called to be inferior. Also from the youngest years I got in a conflict with people stating for fascism. They did never change their opinion but were never blamed or damaged and got everything in life being success people today. They also "new" that I have to be inferior and follow to their will, which some of them could command so that I had to follow against my will (electromagnetic brain control able to control me against my will for short time in a robotic manner). I took out the over 200 pages of documentation to the damages torture and mistreating I had to withstand in my life ONLY TO BE COMPENSATED. IT IS NO WAY FOR ANYONE TO FIND A GUILTINESS WITH ME! Wow, you take a lot of time to start compensating. Waiting until I'm dead? Either you pay now (and everybody helping is on the right side) or I will do more than putting all back here! All hurting of my rights have to be stopped and I have to get the compensation! Really! That is the only way to prove that fascism has really lost and humanness, justice and love are existing on earth and also here.  I was none of the political, national and other categories, because damaged from those close to me and attacked by many. Still at a time given some of such categorization was and is used to exemplary and severely damage and hurt me outside  law, misusing the law sometimes. But there were at least 5 to 8 different and sometimes contradictory categories I was seen in! Who are those smart activists, finding their problems solved in hitting always me?  As a child I was used to be damaged and humiliated from German fascists, to give them satisfaction even when they lost. So I came in the position of a victim. They blamed me for agreeing to the critical positions and humiliations in World War films and could humiliate and produce sufferance to me many times. The idea of using my life was the same idea like torturing the Jewish people in Second World War. I was used later for many games, good and bad ones, forced in the protest in Romania, especially forced in all those happenings I was then drastically damaged and attacked for. I was never asked and never had a choice. I was strictly against fascism all the time and mentally having the positions of the winners in the world wars, I kept every action on a level of humanness and intellectual correctness, I was never a communist understanding their mistakes but standing for the rights and helping those being down in society. There is nothing I can be blamed for but I was a victim of calumniation, pain and humiliation every day of my life and a victim of extreme collective attacks, damages of body and soul and the highest grade possible of torture, many discrete times. To blame me is like to commit murderer, from the level of criminality considering the "infinite" pain and damages done to me. To stop the crimes never succeeded and many work daily for keeping me in pain and damage. Not to understand that crimes against me have to be stopped and I have to be compensated means not to know the relevant about me and my life or to be an extreme criminal, not understanding human rights at all and collaborating with the guiltiness of fascism and those causing first World War at least to 50%. In the brain control system, at least 40% of actions and detectable intentions (observing the manipulation of whole society not only of my brain) is clear fascist interest, at least 60% is German national interest. But also other interests did damage and are guilty referring to me. I certainly can not own anything to anyone. For that my body was used to hear and see through me, for that my body and soul were used, to play games, for that control systems were asking every day my whole life to be given to them, for that everyone from any side was good paid in that time, for that I did not get a cent for all that, was never asked and never had a choice, one has to pay an almost infinite bill and several sides have to pay an "infinite * infinite" compensation.

Ich habe so viele Worte gehabt und es gibt so viele Gründe mich zu entschädigen und das mir zugefügte Leid ist so groß und die an mir begangenen Verbrechen so viele und so schwerwiegende, aber niemand hat wirklich geholfen und viele sind bereit mich zu erniedrigen. Immer noch bin ich minderwertig im Vergleich zum Durchschnittsbürger 23/03/2012

I had so many words and there are so many reasons to compensate me and the sufferance done to me and the crimes committed against me are so many, but still nobody really helped and many are ready to humiliate me. Still I am the inferior kind referring to most in society and kept in sufferance and humiliation. Like always!

Since I told that the British side would have helped me, many were trying to bring me against the British side. With EM training of my brain (why do I have taken anything out, why don't tell if I was not at all compensated????), with pain in my head one forces me to think wrong things and get nervous. With acoustical smart inputs one explains about guiltiness of this side. I do not believe that and want this torture to be stopped. I really respect that side and try to have friends there but I am non of there's otherwise I certainly would do better. There were much more humiliations at the address of the British and Jewish side.

While they were hitting and damaging me severely every day of my life for standing in the way of the simple people (opposed to the rich from the past), now partially the same people and others damage and humiliate me severely for have been the communists. I was none of the sides, never guilty before anyone and always since birth severely humiliated, calumniated and damaged. I have to get compensation, no matter what side is stronger and this is a matter of humanness and justice. But they always hit and this is a discrimination of my person and real fascism practiced, no matter if I am Jewish or not. In the world the people not being mass murderers, fascists or similar would all be my friends, if knowing the truth about me. I want that in this World the power exists to stop all crimes against me, compensate me and punish the criminals hitting me!



Da Methoden der Beeinflussung von Menschen wie elektromagnetisches Aufzwingen von Gedanken, Gefühlen und schwerem Streß inklusive Schmerzen, Lesen von Gedanken und Bewußtseinskontrolle, chemische Manipulationen über die Luft oder von der Distanz und andere, wenn kriminell angewendet, alle Menschen auf dieser Erde interessieren müssen und alle Mächte auf dieser Erde mehr oder weniger in die Verantwortung ziehen, sollte niemand ignorieren. Sicher sind von den vielen beeinflußten nur sehr wenige oder gar keine so extreme Opfer wie ich. Ich will deshalb vor allem Gerechtigkeit für mich und nicht direkt die Welt verändern. Alle welche mir solche Einflüsse antun begannen mich ganz schlimm zu bekämpfen und auf vielen Wegen zu bestrafen und erlaubten keine Einigung, keine Diskussion, wann immer ich das versuchte. Anfangs wurde ich Opfer durch politischen Fanatismus der Kommunisten in Rumänien, ich habe durch nichts gefehlt. Heute bin ich es genauso in Deutschland und überall wo ich hingehe (Frankreich, Zypern, USA). Trotzdem hatte ich in Zypern, Deutschland, Frankreich und den USA auch Hilfe, jedoch nicht Lösung des Problems oder Entschädigung. Ich will Entschädigung, denn heute bin ich fast ganz gesund und ich sehe es als ein weiteres an mir begangenes Verbrechen, ein Problem in mir zu sehen oder mich zu verdächtigen, nicht fähig zu sein meine Probleme in Alltag und Beruf zu bewältigen. Im Gegenteil, letzteres kann ich besser als die meisten, an den genannten Problemen habe ich gar keine Schuld und Einflüsse die andere ertragen, ertrage ich auch und will nicht die Welt verändern. Ich will aber Entschädigung und keine extra Belastung mehr ohne Ausgleich!


Because methods of influence of humans like electromagnetic imposing of thoughts, feelings and serious stress including aches, reading of thoughts and mind control, chemical manipulation over the air or from distance and other, when applied in criminal way, have to be of anybodies interest and bind all sides of power in the world in a bigger or lower responsibility, nobody should ignore. Surely from the many influenced, just very few are or nobody is such an extreme victim like I am. Therefore I want especially justice for myself rather than to change this world. All doing these influences to me started to hit me strongly in many ways and did not allow any arrangement or discussion, whenever I was trying for. I got to be victim for political fanaticism of the communists in Romania, I didn't do anything wrong. Today I am victim in Germany and wherever I go (France, Cyprus, USA). Still I was having in Cyprus, France, Germany and the USA also help, but no solution for the problems done to me and no compensation. I want compensation, because today I am almost perfectly healthy and I see it as a further crime committed against me, to see a problem in me and to assume that I could not solve normal problems in daily life or at work. The opposite is the truth, I am better than most in that, I am not responsible for the named problems, I can endure what all the others can endure and I do not want to change the world. But I want compensation and no further extra difficulties without to get payment for that.


Die Schwierigkeit mich aus der totalen Opferrolle zu befreien ist, daß alle schweigen und somit bisher zu viele Interessen gegen mich standen. Aber mit all den Methoden muß man nicht Verbrechen begehen und schon gar nicht so viele und so extreme und dauernd gegen ein und denselben unschuldigen Menschen. Gerade alle die schweigen wollen, sollten diese ganz schlimmen Verbrecher auch bekämpfen und mir helfen.

Helfen Sie mir bitte den Größenwahn derer zu stoppen, die glauben mit einem Menschenleben beliebig spielen zu können, nur weil sie genug Methoden zum zwingen und führen haben. Die mir angetane Folter zwingt mich für meine Rechte einzustehen und dieses ist eine Individuallage, die aber eine generelle Problematik aufwirft, was nicht meine Absicht ist. Ich bin allein und ein extremes Opfer.


The difficulty in freeing myself from the position of a total victim is, that they all keep such methods secret and thus too many interests were standing against me. But with all those methods one does not have to commit crimes and not at all such extreme ones and continuous against one and the same innocent person. Exactly all those wanting to keep all secret should fight too these extreme crimes and help me.

Help me to stop the megalomania of those believing to be able to play arbitrary with a humans life, just because they are having enough means to force and to lead. The torture done forces me to stand for my rights and this is the position of an individual, which raises a lot of general problems, but not my intention to do that. I am alone and an extreme victim.


Übersicht zu den Dokumenten über an mir begangene Menschenrechtsverletzungen / Verbrechen

Overview on Documents about Crimes and hurting of Human Rights committed Against Me

12/05/12: Please read or not but help! What happens changes over the time and so e.g. short_diffic.doc is not up do day and also in some parts naive. Sorry that from the many daily little willingly done problems and the many discrete extreme tortures and the normal life, I was so destroyed, not to be able to present concise the real crimes. Also some confusions and not good chosen matters. Today, many things changed into good, but I am still daily damaged and humiliated and no compensation, while the time takes me step by step all chances for making a compensation useful. I am trying since 2000 to get help and a chance and hope for my life :was not possible! Words are not sufficient to explain the drama of a live were best intentions and abilities were destroyed and only pain, humiliation and disadvantages allowed. Never a hope, but never definitely damaged  or killed. The maximum pain situations. It could always be what certainly was through huge effort never allowed to be: A normal life with no humiliation, damages and torture any more a family and happiness. 

Dateiname / File Name

Inhalt / Contents

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Begründet wieso ich entschädigt werden muß / Explains why I have to be compensated


In my favor.doc

Erklärt warum man nicht ignorieren und auch nicht mich beschuldigen darf / Explains why it is not right to ignor or inculpate me



Erklärt, daß unpolitisch Hilfe nötig ist und politische Haltung / Explains that help is necessary ignoring politics and the political position

deutsch / English

Handlungsgründe.doc / reasons_for_action.doc

Warum man handeln muß / Why it is necessary to change something

deutsch / English

Hilfesuche.doc / searchforhelp.doc

Wo ich schon Hilfe suchte / Where I did search already for help

deutsch / English

Methoden.doc / methods.doc

Methoden der Beeinflussung / Methods of manipulation

deutsch / English

kurz_Schwierig.doc / short_diffic.doc

Welche Probleme man mir bereitet / Which are the problems done to me

deutsch / English

unerw_antworten.doc / unwantedanswers.doc

Antworten, die ich nicht akzeptiere / Answers I will not accept

deutsch / English


Aufzählung relevanter Ereignisse in Deutschland / List of some important incidents in Germany


Ereignisse Deutschland_kurz.doc

Ereignisse_Deutschland.doc gekürzt / shortened



Autounfälle und Krankheiten (Ärzte, Krankenhäuser) in Deutschland. / Car accidents and illnesses (doctors, hospitals) in Germany



Aufzählung relevanter Ereignisse in Rumänien / List of some important incidents in Romania

deutsch / English


Ereignisse_Rum.doc gekürzt / shortened

deutsch / English


Beschreibt daß und wieso ich sicher diesen mit Absicht erzeugten Infekt habe und die Absicht / Describes that I have an infection in my jaw, how it came to that and that it is intention.



Erklärung warum es elektromagnetische Gehirnlenkung bestimmt gibt und daß ich ein Opfer bestimmt bin. / Explanation why electromagnetic brain control does exist and that I am certainly a victim.

deutsch / English


Beschreibt die aktuelle Sachlage / Describes the actual situation



Erklärt wie ich erniedrigt und minderwertig genannt werde. / Explains how I am humiliated and called inferior.



Rechtfertigt meinen Schrei nach Entschädigung und gewisse Haltungen im Leben / Justifies my cry for compensation and some of my positions in life



Erklärt warum sich etwas ändern muß / explains why situation has to change (versions not equal)

deutsch / English

Strafanzeige und Strafantrag gegen Unbekannt.doc


Strafanzeige nach einer Vorlage von / complaint conform to a draft from  

Dokumentation / documents from the internet




Document care descrie cîteva din crimele comise împotriva mea

Justificarea acţiunii pentru dreptate şi despăgubire.

Documente în limba română / rumänisch


Beschreibung einiger Verbrechen die an mir begangen werden. Hilfeschrei und Aufruf zur Bestrafung der Täter. / Description of some severe crimes committed against me. Cry for help and punishment of the responsible.

deutsch / English


Explanations on torture daily done to me and an example / Erklärungen zur täglichen Folter und ein Beispiel


Einbruchinmein Haus_17_07_2009.doc


Beschreibung eines Ereignisses das mich in die Psychiatrie bringt und allgemeine Argumente für Entschädigung / Description of a happening bringing me in the psychiatric institute and general arguments for compensation


deutsch / English


Über an mir begangene Verbrechen und Verleumdungen / About crimes done to me and calumniation.



Übersicht über Krankheiten und damit verbundenen Verbrechen / Overview about illnesses and bount to them crimes



Beschreibt mir angetane Verbrechen, Vorurteile und Verleumdungen und wie die mit meinem Leben verbunden sind. / Describes crimes committed against me, prejudicies and calumniation and how these are bound to my life.



Erklärung warum es elektromagnetische Gehirnlenkung bestimmt gibt und daß dies keine psychische Erkrankung ist. / Explanation why electromagnetic brain control does certainly exist and that it is no psychical disease. .

deutsch / English


Beschreibt einen Schulausflug während dessen 3 unterschiedlich schwere Verbrechen an mir begangen wurden / describes a school excursion during which 3 different severe crimes were committed against me



Politische Haltung gegen Faschismus, elektromagnetische Gehirnlenkung und Kommunismus/ Political position against fascism, electromagnetic brain control and communism.

deutsch / English


Another statement convincing that I have to get help and compensation and why / Ein anderer überzeugender Standpunkt für Hilfe und Entschädigung mit Begründung



Über typische Verleumdungen in meinem Leben / About typical calumniation in my life (versions not equal)

deutsch / English


Etwas über meine Lebenseinstellung, was man mir antut und wie andere mich sehen wollen / something about my positions in life, what is done to me and how others want to see me.



Über die Macht der Worte und meine Rechte / About the power of words and my rights


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Briefe wegen Kieferproblemen

2 der neulich besuchten Ärzte, Dr. Jurisch hat teilweise auch geholfen/ + 2 recently visited doctors, Dr. Jurisch did help partially.

Briefe für das recht auf medizinische Betreuung / Letters for the right to have medical treatment (I mean treatment, not smart hidden damaging)





List with commented links to Internet sites about mind control / Liste mit kommentierten Links zu Internetseiten über Bewußtseinskontrolle

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Briefe wegen Kieferproblemen


Weibliche Bekanntschaften


This is a combination of textes explaining the personal impact of the torture done to me in my life. My inability to reach friendships or relationship to a woman. Political fanaticism standing against such successes in my life. Also I am almost daily humiliated from unknown people or people at work and neighbors talking about my testicles, my penis and combining many humiliations to that.

In diesen 4 Dokumenten wird erklärt, wieso es mir unmöglich war eine Frau oder Partnerschaft zu finden. Außerdem die persönliche Impplikation eines diktatorischen Hasses der mich bekämpft und viele Menschen führt. Ich werde auch oft erniedrigt indem Unbekannte, Nachbarn oder Arbeitskollegen direkt oder indirekt über meine Hoden und meinen Penis reden. Viele Menschen auf der Straße zeigen mir ihr Hinterteil gezielt und auch den Penis, unter der Hose sichtbar oder sogar unverdeckt. Sie wissen, dass ich der Mensch bin, wo man "das" zeigen muss.  Aber wieso und warum? In jedem Fall ist das eine erniedrigende Verfolgung.






Es ist sehr einfach, jeder Medizin- oder Elektrotechnikstudent könnte es realisierten. Gefühle, Gedanken, Eindrücke unserer Sinnesorgane werden im Körper als elektromagnetische Signale dargestellt. Diese können gelesen werden und werden in der Medizin schon seit fast 100 Jahren für Diagnosezwecke verwendet (1924). Ma kann auch diskrete Signalpakete von verschiedenen Stellen lesen, speichern, verändern und wieder zurück aufzwingen. Wie man verändern muß, um einen bestimmten Eindruck zu erzielen, braucht Erfahrung. Das Aufzwingen kann man z.B. durch ein winziges Gerät, das wie ein Radio funktioniert, durchführen. Jeder weiß, daß diese Dinger heute Dimensionen haben können, die sie unsichtbar erscheinen lassen (natürlich können wirkliche Profis alles finden). Aber ich bin überzeugt, daß es auch ohne speziell eingebaute Vorrichtungen begrenzt geht und daß ein einfacher Metallfaden an der richtigen Stelle schon auf für die Lenker befriedigende Weise diese Möglichkeiten ausweitet. Es könnte auch komplizierter sein, aber sicher möglich. Einfache Dinge, wie Töne in meinen Ohren zu produzieren, sind mir schon in meinem Laboratorium gelungen (ohne irgend etwas in meinen Körper einzubauen, von 5 cm Entfernung von der Antenne und direkter Tonfrequenz. Kann man verbessern indem man modulierte höhere Frequenzen verwendet, etc.). So einfach machbar und niemand hat das auch nur versucht, auf dieser gesamten Erde? Wirklich verrückt ist, das zu glauben!


It is very simple, any student of medicine or electronics could do it. Feelings, thoughts and impressions coming from our senses are represented in the body as electric signals. They can be read and are used in medicine for diagnosis since almost 100 years (1924). You can read also discrete signal packages from different positions, store them, change them and impose them back. How to change to reach a certain impression needs experience. The imposing can be done for example through a microscopic device working like a little radio. Everybody knows these things have dimensions today to be really invisible (certainly real professionals can find everything). But I am convinced that it is such a communication even without special devices in restricted way possible and a simple metal wire right placed to be sufficient to extend the communication area and possibilities in for the controller satisfactory way. It could be more complicated, but certainly possible. But simple things like to produce sounds in my ears I succeeded myself in my laboratory (without to build in anything in my body from 5 centimeter antenna distance using direct sound frequency. Can be improved through modulated high frequency, etc). So easy to be done and nobody even tried, on this earth? It is really crazy to believe that!